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Networking in…with Michael Anderson

Yet another fantastic Networking in…session! It truly just keeps getting better.This Wednesday, we heard from Michael Anderson on “How to cultivate a leadership mindset.”Michael is a Conference Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, and Adviser. The consciousness is broken into the ego and the authentic self.The authentic self is our natural state when we’re feeling safe, while the...
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What Makes A Business Successful?

What Makes A Business Successful? We’ve worked with businesses for decades now. We’ve monitored different success stories and growth trajectories. This has led us to see lessons, failures, opportunities, and a lot of growth. And over the years, we’ve asked ourselves one vital question – What makes a business successful? We’ve spent nights researching the...
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The 5 important components of a simple business plan

Writing a Business Plan (Made Simple)

Writing a Business Plan (Made Simple) I read the other day that 49 out of 50 businesses are started without writing a business plan.  I was shocked…  Having done a business degree, all my early businesses had detailed business plans that ran to pages and pages of text with charts and numbers and projections and...
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Networking in…with Sam Warner

Networking in…with Sam Warner On Wednesday at Networking in…we finally heard from Sam Warner on “TEDx for dummies.”Sam gave a really generous talk on what it takes to give a TED talk. It was great!She took us through the application process and emphasised on following the strict guidelines and rules that are set by TED....
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Online and face-to-face networking

How is Online Networking Different from (or Similar to) In-Person Networking?

How is Online Networking Different from (or Similar to) In-Person Networking? COVID-19 was life changing in so many ways for nearly everyone. One good thing that emerged from it was the confirmation that almost everything we do in person can be done over the internet. This sparked the debate: Online networking or in-person networking? In...
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Common mistakes entrepreneurs make

Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Entrepreneurs are not exempt from making mistakes. In fact, they probably make more decisions (and mistakes) than the average person. By understanding some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, we can avoid them and navigate them better when they happen. When Scott Seamans first presented the idea of crocs...
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Networking in…with John Hayns

If you missed out on Networking in…this weekend, here’s your chance to catch up!We had one of the most brilliant sessions EVER.John Hayns, who refers to himself as a juggler, magician, and fire-eater spoke to us about “The magic formula for working with people.” In this really entertaining session, we were treated to magic tricks...
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why you need a mastermind group

Why do you need a mastermind group?

Why Do You Need a Mastermind Group? Us small business owners are the unsung heroes of our Society. Creative, flexible and diverse, employing 16 million people, we’re at the sharp end in driving the UK economy. And in spite of the challenges, we still chase our dreams daily. But according to a recent survey almost...
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6 Business Money Management Tips

6 Business Money Management Tips Money Management in a small business can be tricky, and you need tips to navigate it.  It tends to not be the reason you’ve gone into business for yourself, unless you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, and it can feel like an alien landscape. A business owner once told me...
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