Networking in…with Ashley Cavers

Networking in…with Ashley Cavers

On Wednesday at Networking-in, we had an amazing session on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that sparked lots of interesting conversations! 🙌

Our guest speaker was Ashley Cavers who supports the operational management of The Oxford SDG Impact Lab and is leading on its latest partnership with Rosberg Philanthropies.

The SDGs were adopted by world leaders by UN in 2015 as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

The target to achieve them is 2030, but COVID-19 threw a massive spanner in the works. So how can small businesses take part in helping to achieve the SDGs?

Ashley’s top tips for all small businesses looking to get involved in the SDGs are:

1. Find your starting point.

2. Understand your impact.
3. Set goals and track improvement.
4. Collaborate and partner up.
5. Learn and improve.

Check out the UN Global Compact Network and SDG Business Hub to get started.


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