Networking-in…with Benjamin Drury

Networking-in…with Benjamin Drury

What a session! Wednesday’s Networking-in was AMAZING! 🙌

We had Benjamin Drury, The Culture Guy who was speaking to us about “How to put the joy and emotion back into business.”

Business is nothing more than relationships with a purpose.

Imagine if everybody in your organisation turned up to work excited, energised, full of life, and bringing their A game?

How would that change your business? It would improve the mood of the entire nation.

The secret? Bringing the joy and emotion back into the business.

It’s been proven that when you do so, teams perform better. Consequently, revenue goes up. Productivity increases when people stop worrying about the things that don’t matter.

Benjamin shared with us The Culture Canvas: The Cause, The Players, The Words, and  The Actions.

When we get our culture right, we have people begging to work for us and customers who can’t help but talk to everybody about us to everybody else around them.

We’ve got REALLY GOOD upcoming speakers at Networking-in. We would love to have you join us. Check out all of our upcoming events.


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