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The Alliance

Promote - Engage - Grow

The Alliance

The Friendliest Business Community

Alongside access to our Bi monthly Networking events, your membership gives you the ability to promote your business on our dedicated Alliance community page.

You’ll also have access to our closed LinkedIn & WhatsApp groups, for increased engagement & stronger relationships, getting you in front of the people you want to meet.

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Should I join The Alliance?

Are you a business owner or influencer?
Are you friendly & looking to build business relationships?
Are you ambitious, do you want to grow?
Do you feel you’re working on your own?
Do you have events or products you’d like to promote?
Are you open, inclusive, trustworthy?

You’ll love it here 🙂

How can you help me promote my business?

In a few ways my dear friend…
First off you can promote your business to other members & visitors to

Company Profile
You’ll get you own company profile where you can tell visitors who you are, what you do & how you can help them.
Share your contact details, a link to your social media & backlink to your website.

Promote Upcoming Events
If you run regular workshops, webinars or events; Alliance membership is a no brainer. You can upload your offers & unlimited events to the Outside-ideas events calendar & we’ll promote them to the community via the site & newsletter. Your fellow Alliance members will also be encouraged to help support on social media.

Guest Blog
Keen writer? As an Alliance member you can guest blog with us & publish your article on our resources section.

What networking groups are included?

We currently run 2 networking events per month priced at £10 per visit…
We intend to host more.
As we add more events, your price will stay the same.
Join now, join early & we promise you the same price no matter how many events you join us at.

What can I expect from the Social Media Support Group?

We’re in it together…
Want your post to be seen more widely?
Need to find a specific company or service?
After some business advice?
Access our closed whatsapp group where you can ask the group to support you & help you boost your reach.

What can I expect from the networking groups?

Our networking sessions have a loose structure to keep the rhythm & pace moving, they are filled with friendly, welcoming people who will make you feel  at ease. We have a laugh, learn a bit, do some introductions, & feel motivated & ready to take on the world! 


Sure thing, in fact we’ll go one better…

Registered charities are eligible for a free subscription, including free event promo’s, free networking, free business listing & being part of our fantastic community. Just use the ‘I’m interested’ form below to get in contact & our team will help you get set up. 

Do I have to attend every networking session?

No, not at all. Pick & choose which ones work for you. Or someone else from your company can join in your place. 

Although we think you’ll want to make the time!

The community feel that’s been established is so welcoming and friendly. And there’s some really great business, this month alone I’m working on 3 projects with people that I met through this specific group, and there are a couple more in my pipeline for this quarter. I whole heartedly would recommend it.

Jon Walter
Twenty Eighty Online

You’ve done an amazing job of pulling together a bunch of fantastic people – caring, thoughtful and knowledgable. Thank you for creating such an amazing space!

Jamie Forster

✓ Free Friendly Online Networking
✓ No Pressure to Refer
✓ Company Website & Events Profile
✓ Alliance Online Hangouts
✓ Facilitated Introductions
✓ Company Membership
✓ Exclusive Discounts

✓ No Industry or Regional Restrictions
✓ Inspirational Guest Speakers
✓ In Person Events
✓ Trusted & Supportive Community
✓ No Geographical Boundaries

  • No sign up fee
  • Cancel or pause at any time
  • Companywide membership
  • Online profile to increase your reach
  • No Restrictions; any industry any location
  • Network with businesses anywhere, any time

The Alliance

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