The Never Ending To Do List : An Outside idea from Rebecca Cheetham

The Never Ending To Do List : An Outside idea from Rebecca Cheetham


As a mental health and wellbeing specialist, I’ve spent many hours chatting to people about how shifting back to “real life” has been feeling a little overwhelming.

Although we may have that feeling of excitement as pubs and restaurants are opening, many have found that the idea of the world ‘speeding up again’ has left them feeling like they’re not doing stuff ‘quick enough’.

We have all experienced the stress induced by our never-ending to-do list and, for many, this feeling has been heightened now things are not ‘standstill’ anymore.

But I’m here today to suggest a switch-a-roo in mindset. I thought to myself one evening as I was gawking at my list – why would I ever finish a to-do list?

Take a moment to reflect on this: one of the many reasons you’re probably such a fantastic entrepreneur and business owner is because you are so inspired, driven and proactive. And, I’m afraid that means you will always find new things to add to that ever-growing to-do list.

But maybe that’s okay.

Maybe it’s not about fighting it, but about reframing it.

I like to think that finding the end of my to-do list is the equivalent of finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. You may never find it – it might not even exist – but it’s a fun adventure anyway.

So, maybe it’s not about finishing your to-do list, because maybe it’s not about the outcome and instead it’s about who you become along the way.

Rebecca Cheetham


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