Blog like a Pro : An Outside idea from Kelly Drewett

Blog like a Pro : An Outside idea from Kelly Drewett

For many of us, running a business is not so much about raking in a shed load of money. It’s about having enough to create a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle. 
Building a business can add meaning to our lives and give us a platform to share a message to help a cause.

These are the very reasons I fell in love with blogging. A blog can help your business rank well online, but it also gives you a voice.  A blog is your online adventure, where you create whatever world you wish. 
In 2005, I was 25 and lived in Oxfordshire. I had three jobs; I was running my web design business full-time, a kickboxing club and working hard as a retained firefighter. Although I loved every aspect, my life was stressful.
When I was 30, I took the biggest adventure of my life. I left two of those jobs and travelled to North America, Europe and Asia. Of course, I kept my business – Kaydee Web. In a bag strapped to my front was my office. Strapped to my back was the rest of my life. Talk about work-life balance. Travelling didn’t just teach me about the world; it led me down new paths in my business. I became curious. That’s when I dived deep into search engines.
Why did one website rank better than another? What made the difference?
At that time, I started a blog. To this day, on my blog, I answer client’s questions, and I question myself. This hub enabled me to build a business that would support an adventurous lifestyle. Now I live in the French Alps. My business allows me to regularly travel, do a sport of choice or take a long lunch on a sunny terrace ‘with a glass’.
How would your perfect lifestyle look? 
Since producing a blog, I’ve never been short of leads because people find me. Often, they are hot leads. They’ve signed up for my newsletter, and they know me incredibly well before they even contact me. They’ve spent years reading my material.Of course, people would have to find your blog for any of this to serve your business. 
That’s what I want to share with you on Wednesday 15th of September at Networking in… Blog like a pro to genuinely help your business, lifestyle and well-being.
If you aren’t yet convinced, here’s what a blog can do for your business:
  • Provide a customer service area.
  • Build authority and trust.
  • Educate whilst you research.
  • Showcase knowledge.
  • Grow a newsletter list.
  • Encourage backlinks.
  • Convey a message to benefit a cause.
  • Develop business relationships. 
  • Incite PR coverage and freebies. 
  • Initiate ideas for social media.
See you on Wednesday for the friendliest networking on the net.

Kelly Drewett
Kaydee Web

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