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Kelly Drewett - Kaydee Web

I was brought up in a small village in Oxfordshire in the UK. I’m truly a village girl at heart and now live in an even smaller one in France with my husband.

As one of the original digital nomads, I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada and travelled the United States, Asia and all-over western Europe. My travelling background helps me to understand all sorts of cultures and people.

You can often find me close to mountains, where there is a seasonal transition of all age groups. I am the geek who snowboards, bikes and hikes (and none particularly well but it makes Instagram more interesting).

A career as a website designer

Back in the days when the internet first became accessible, I was 17. I had a job in Oxford in digital illustration but fully intended to go back into education the following year.

A local couple had started a small web design firm. They offered to train me in web design in return for work and little pay.

I already had an interest in computers and design so I snapped up the opportunity. I loved it.

In no time I took the position of chief website designer.

Unfortunately, the little pay continued for far too long. So, just before my 20th birthday, I started my own website design company.

I worked from my mum’s computer until I saved enough money to buy my own.

I successfully worked in the Oxfordshire area for 12 years and set up an office in the centre of Witney.

Around the time that WiFi became readily available anywhere and everywhere, there also came a period of my life when I had no ties.

I realised I could travel as I worked, so that’s what I did until I settled in France 8 years ago.

About My Business

SEO website designer, Kelly Drewett

I’m an SEO website designer who builds custom websites and assists business owners to work towards higher search engine listings.

Because I’ve had such a long career in website design I really know the mechanics of websites and search engines.

You can understand website design and SEO, have an interest in your website and adopt habits for a more competitive online presence.

Ways I can help your business

I am trained in the requirements of search engines so I design websites according to quality guidelines.

I take care of on-page and off-page search engine optimisation.

I am an expert in WordPress – a content management system from which you can update a website.

I customise WordPress themes or create brilliant HTML sites using the latest framework.

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