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Kelly Drewett - Kaydee Web

Hello and salut! I’m Kelly, a technical SEO and SEO website designer; I combine the two to create active, ethical and effective websites.

About me, Kelly Drewett

It all started in the UK, but I now live in the French Alps after many years of travelling.

As one of the original digital nomads, I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada and travelled to the United States, Asia and western Europe. My travelling background helps me to understand all sorts of cultures.

You can often find me close to mountains, where there is a seasonal transition of all age groups. I am the geek who snowboards, mountain bikes and hikes – none of which I do particularly well, but it makes Instagram more interesting!

When not on a mountain I’m often found camping, trail running, practising yoga, frolicking in the sea, painting, reading, cooking, at a computer, eating world foods or socialising in a bar, preferably a traditional British pub.

About My Business

Web design, content creation and brand awareness create a perfect blend to achieve a competitive search engine presence. After all, your website must benefit your brand.

Trained in the requirements of search engines, I design websites according to quality guidelines, improve the existing online presence of a business, or lead a client and/or website designer through the SEO website design process.

My affinity for SEO comes across when we talk – it’s a skill I have educated myself in since 2010.

Search engine optimisation is a mixture of beautiful code, thoughtful design, inclusivity, creativity and compassion.

Technical SEO

SEO feels like a complete mystery sometimes; I get that; I’ve been there.

It’s not dark art; there is a method: create an online space that is straightforward, safe, predictable and communicative.

Wouldn’t you do that for your customers, offline?

Technical SEO starts with website design. It’s the art of creating and improving helpful content on one domain to relate to users and search engines.

Web design and SEO are a perfect partnership.

SEO website design

A website with a solid structure, precise code, and true accessibility ranks higher on search engines. Excellent, easy-to-read content gains authority, eyeballs and income.

SEO website design is about usability; unattainable websites won’t grow a business.

Be stunningly obvious.

Technical SEO prevents search engines from wasting precious crawl budgets and concentrates efforts on pages and posts that will rank.

Multiple signals help search engines, and it is crucial to get each correct.

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