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Networking in…with Aaron Ashmore

Networking in…with Aaron Ashmore Whoop whoop!  🥳On Wednesday morning, we had yet another fantastic session at Networking in…Aaron Ashmore, who is the owner of Zapped Marketing and Etch & Pin was the guest speaker for the day. Aaron was speaking to us about “Marketing: How to get noticed at your doorstep.”His top tips were:-Give people...
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Networking in…with Chris White

Networking in…with Chris White On Wednesday 6th September, we were honoured to be joined by guest speaker Chris White at Networking-in. He was speaking to us about “Cybersecurity awareness training for small businesses.”The session was all sorts of INSIGHTFUL! People tend to see cybersecurity as mysterious, complex, expensive, and uncomfortable. But Chris demystified all of this.The...
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Networking - Richard Rosser (1)

Networking in…with Richard Rosser

Networking in…with Richard Rosser What a session! 🙌🏾On Wednesday, we welcomed Richard Rosser as our guest speaker at Networking in…He was speaking to us about “How to Build an Effective Network.”We also had lots of new faces in the room, which was super exciting! People choose to go networking for many different reasons. To win...
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Networking in…with Dr Simon Biltcliffe

Networking in with Simon Biltcliffe This week’s Networking in…on Wednesday was packed with gems!🙌🏼We were joined by Dr Simon Biltcliffe who was speaking to us about Marxist Capitalism.“A business is whatever you want to make of it. You can live by your values.” Simon highly believes in turning cash into an asset that enhances everyone’s...
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Networking in...with Alison Thomson

Networking in…with Alison Thomson

Networking in…with Alison Thomson This Wednesday’s Networking in…was refreshing!We heard from Alison Thomson, Director of The Safety Elf, about posture and sitting comfortably.We started off with a “wiggle break” which was all sorts of energising!Alison spoke about consciously checking in with your posture. We also created a pain map, in a little exercise where we pointed...
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Networking in…with Emma Easton

On Wednesday 21st June at Networking in, we heard from the one and only Emma Easton, The Chief Bolloxologist™.She was speaking to us about how to stop bolloxing your marketing and introducing STP into our strategies – Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning for better focus and clarity. Marketing is a lot easier when you’ve got the...
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Networking in…with Grant Hayward

  We’ve had a pretty fantastic week, and Networking-in was the cherry on top!We had the pleasure of hearing from Grant Hayward, Enterprise Manager at OSEP on exploring vision, mission, and values.Your vision is how you want to see things. Your mission is what you do to achieve that. And your values are how you...
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Networking in…with Michael Anderson

Yet another fantastic Networking in…session! It truly just keeps getting better.This Wednesday, we heard from Michael Anderson on “How to cultivate a leadership mindset.”Michael is a Conference Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, and Adviser. The consciousness is broken into the ego and the authentic self.The authentic self is our natural state when we’re feeling safe, while the...
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Networking in…with Sam Warner

Networking in…with Sam Warner On Wednesday at Networking in…we finally heard from Sam Warner on “TEDx for dummies.”Sam gave a really generous talk on what it takes to give a TED talk. It was great!She took us through the application process and emphasised on following the strict guidelines and rules that are set by TED....
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Networking in…with John Hayns

If you missed out on Networking in…this weekend, here’s your chance to catch up!We had one of the most brilliant sessions EVER.John Hayns, who refers to himself as a juggler, magician, and fire-eater spoke to us about “The magic formula for working with people.” In this really entertaining session, we were treated to magic tricks...
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