Networking in…with Rhys Saunders – Why everyone should be a master of experiences

Why everyone should be a master of experiences

On Wednesday, 17th August at Networking in…we heard from Rhys Saunders, managing director of “Lick me I’m Delicious.”

Before LMID, Rhys trained as an Actor/Musician and worked in the industry for 8 years. In 2014, he and Charlie Francis joined forces as they shared their enthusiasm and a passion for delivering magical experiences.

In his experience, Rhys proved that spending money on experiences brings more lasting joy than on things.

So how can you turn your business into a wonderful experience that creates a wonderful memory for customers?

Our brains connect memories and experiences to our emotions.

Rhys recommends that to be a master of experiences, you need to follow this process:

Trigger an emotion —-> Create an experience —-> Give a positive feeling —-> Stores in the person’s memory

Why creating memories is so important

Rhys gave numerous examples and tales of his experiences, including working at McDonald’s and Disneyland and giving the customers lasting memories. Without realising, he had a passion of creating a wonderful experience for others.

If your customers leave with a great experience, they have higher chances of coming back.

In short, every business owner should be a master of experiences, by appealing to all 5 senses of the customer: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.

His takeaway points were:

  1. Create experiences for your clients and customers.
  2. Make sure that your team is having a great experience working for you.

Next up at Networking in…we’ve got Mike Jennings of The Jennings group and he’ll be speaking to us about how to “create a winning culture.” Find out more here.


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