I’ve recently proved that life can be transformed with the power of dreams, I might just have cracked the formula for a more fulfilling life and it feels pretty amazing.

Recently, I was in a very different place. I’d been working in an industry that I wasn’t passionate about, commuting an hour and a half each day, and working for a boss who just didn’t appreciate what I was doing. I was stuck. The birth of my son gave me the boost that I really needed. Those incredible first weeks, I spent those precious weeks dreaming about how much fun we were going to have as he grew up. It was a truly awesome time. So I decided to quit my job….

With a new freedom, the dreams that I’d had of traveling with my son were now possible. Before he was 2 months old, he’d spent time in Italy, France, Holland and Belgium. He been on planes, trains, and automobiles. He’d even been on a horse and cart. He’d become so used to being in different environments, mingling with different people that we have complete confidence in the person that he will become.

And that is something I’m really proud of …

I started thinking, how many of us actually focus on our dreams? How many of us have an actual bucket list or a dream board that we live by? Surely the closer we are to our dreams, the more likely we are to achieve them….

So I started writing them down. Focusing on them. I started daydreaming about a more fulfilling life and this had such a profound impact. Then I put it into context how exactly I could get there.

I had to make sure that my dreams were specific, the more specific they were the more achievable they could be. I had to make sure I could measure these achievements, I had to know that I had successfully completed my goals, of course. Because we have got to dream big and create these goals. We have to talk about our dreams, shout about them, make them reLEARINGal.

So I set myself some goals, now I needed to figure out how I was actually going to make them happen. I needed to plan exactly what I needed to do in order to bring these things to life. Its like writing a marketing strategy for your business, you know you want more leads, and you know what you need to do in order to get them by placing adverts, market research, reaching out to your customers. There’s a reason that houses are designed before they are built, and that’s to make sure that everything works on paper, before a brick is laid. Without a plan, you may do some of the scatter gun stuff, but it won’t be focussed, you’ll waste time effort and money and not get the result that you want or need.

Of course, we don’t all know everything do we? So the next most important thing is to learn. I know that I have a lot to learn to help me on my journey and there are so many incredible ways to do this. We have the internet at our finger tips, read books, watch YouTube videos. You CAN learn to do anything out there.

Finally, once you’ve done the plan, you can go take action. But now you have a plan, the work that you do is a million times more focussed on the areas that ACTUALLY Matter.

So there it is, quite simple really? DREAM, GOAL, PLAN, LEARN, ACTION – Repeat.

Now I told you at the beginning that I love my life, it helps that I really love my job because it really does mean that anything is possible. And this is just the start because now I get to help you too.


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