The 9 commandments of Mastermind9

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Mastermind Group Commandments

To truly grow your business and feel empowered to have difficult or delicate conversations, to enable people to feel empowered to speak their minds and be honest, we have our 9 Mastermind Group Commandments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in our groups, even if that opinion isn’t shared with the rest of the group. This is to support a wide range of solutions, creative thought and cross analysis.

Our Mastermind Groups are built to create deep and lasting relationships between members. Over the course of a year, which is the minimum term of Mastermind9, you will become incredibly familiar with each others businesses. The up’s, the downs and everything in between.

To encourage individuals to feel empowered to speak freely, we have our Commandments to structure the discussions.

The 9 commandments of Mastermind9

  1. Participation – The strength of our group lies in the active participation of us all. 
  2. Attention – We should be completely focused on what’s happening in meetings. No phones, email or side conversations.
  3. Attendance –  We meet on the same day each month and ask you to do your best to attend every month but certainly not to miss more than 1 in a row. 
  4. Participation level – We all know people who talk too much, and those who are quiet. Conversations at M9 should be balanced. We should notice when someone is dominating the conversation and when someone is verbally withdrawn. Everyone MUST be provided adequate opportunities to be heard. 
  5. Accountability – At the end of each session, the member will provide ONE action that has come from the group that they will Action and report on at the next meeting. 
  6. Confidentiality – What’s said in the M9 room, stays in the M9 room. 
  7. Honesty – We agree to be honest about what’s going on in our lives. We’re here to grow – which means we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and ask for help. 
  8. Feedback – “honest feedback” means clear, simple, productive feedback, not brutal or demeaning.
  9. Membership – When you’re in, you’re in for a year.

At Mastermind9 it’s all about personal and professional growth.

Get in touch to find out more about our Mastermind Commandments.


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