A ‘Space to Think’ without interruption with diverse thinkers in a group setting.

Continuous development is an important consideration for all of us as we settle into a work routine but don’t want to become settled in our thinking. BESPOKEN’s 2022 initiative is to open a group space to think. Since lock down, we have delivered to more individuals than groups. Opening this space ensures we gain ongoing experience at facilitating groups. It also provides a space for past and current clients to experiencing thinking in a group and take this experience into their organisations, specifically into their meetings.

The first meeting in January was a resounding success and they will continue on the 4th Monday of each month at 4pm, finishing by 5:15pm.

This welcome space to pause will be broadly themed around communication but thinking minds will take the questions where they will. It is for those of us who have read one of Nancy Kline’s books or experienced a Time to Think session for themselves. An understanding and appreciation of the Ten Components will be foundational . These are:

Attention, Equality, Ease, Appreciation, Feelings, Encouragement, Information, Difference, Incisive Questions, and Place

Fiona will facilitate three to twelve people each month in this online experience and breakout rooms will be used to enhance the thinking in small groups. No ongoing commitment is required and there is no fee.

Here is a LinkedIn post and article which explains more.

Here is the link to book. If you wish to experience a Time to Think session with Fiona before joining A Space to Think, please book here to start the conversation.

Fiona Brennan-Scott


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