Shiny Object Syndrome : An Outside idea from Peter Mols

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Shiny Object Syndrome : An Outside idea

I want to take the opportunity to discuss FOCUS with you.

After university, (a long time ago now) I started an online backpacker guidebook in New Zealand. At the time, in 2005 the internet was really only just getting going and the lonely planet was where we went to get our (out of date) tips on where we should head next. My plan was to create an updated version – very much like the style of Tripadvisor for backpackers. Things went well and I ended up with 10 people working with me. Unfortunately, I believed the hype around my entrepreneurial endeavours and listened to far too many “mentors” who filled my head with ideas. As a result, at a crucial point when I should have been 100% focussed on the task at hand, I found myself succumbing to “shiny object syndrome” and writing other plans for things like backpacker pirate ships and the like.

Lo and behold, I lost focus on the really important things, and my business failed. With it I lost “my baby” and my mental health.

After 13 years fighting the black dog in the dark I discovered the magic of personal development and have become an avid reader of personal development books. My road to health and happiness started with a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and if you ever find yourself in a place where you need to make changes in your life, this book could be a game changer.
The second book that I want to share is the One Thing by Gary Keller – If you find yourself with shiny thing syndrome and need to learn how to focus this book will teach you that if you try to chase two rabbits, often you’ll catch neither.
Nowadays, I’m a Business and Life Coach. Through weekly 1-2-1 check-ins and planning sessions I help my clients stay focussed on the important things. I know that what I do works, because if I had someone like me around when I was working on Travelblag, I’m certain things would have been different.
Onwards and upwards my friends

P x
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