The Power of Dreams Featured in

The power of dreams

The power of dreams

The Power of Dreams Featured in


A workshop to help you get more out of life

Power of Dreams Workshop (Hybrid)

1:30 pm - 6:00 pmCourtyard by Marriott Oxford South, 6 Milton Gate, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4FP

Some people seem to live such incredible lives.

You know them, right... those people who fill their lives with the fun stuff:






We all have Dreams

Would you like to:

Visit a certain event

Meet your hero

Make the trip of your lifetime

But sometimes it's hard to keep our dreams alive

Life gets in the way - Work - Admin - Chores - Housework...
There's always something on our to do list which takes priority

What separates the people who do,
from the people who wish they did?

 The people that are doing more, have learnt some important lessons.



They allow time to think about the big picture – what the future holds & what they want out of life.


Setting Goals

They write down their life goals & refer to them often.



They plan the actions that they will take.



They share their dreams with others.

  • I myself am a dreamer but I never knew how to turn those dreams into reality before. Go to this workshop. You’ll be so glad you did. 

    To make those dreams become truly achievable is life changing. 

    Sian Pages
    Not Just Travel
  • It’s had a massive positive effect on me and my family. It’s vital because it’s not just life, it’s also helped me carve out ambitions and dreams for my business. I have recommended the workshop to my friends and encourage everyone to check it out. 

    Graham Crow
    Harold Michael Properties
  • The workshop made me realise all the things that I don’t do, are THE THINGS that make life great, and I’ve made positive changes to make sure I include, and more importantly plan those things in, and 2 months on, it’s enhanced my life already.  

    Fiona Frost

When we were young

We had big dreams – bigger plans & a belief that we could do whatever we wanted. We were young, free & INVINCIBLE. We dreamt of being a pilot, astronaut, vet or teacher.  Whatever our dreams, we were destined to be a huge success. 

As we get older, life tends to get in the way. To reach our dreams, it takes tenacity, discipline, commitment & a requirement to be a little more selfish than we’d like. More often than not, we settle. The draws on our time are everywhere. The kids, the partner, the job, the housework… As our lists grow, our dreams get put on hold. 

But when too much time goes by, our dreams die… 

When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t look back & be grateful for the memories of housework, the long hours in the office or winning successive promotions. You’ll look back & think about the adventures you had with the people that you loved the most. 

We believe that our dreams deserve to live & we believe we’ll be happier for it. 

So here’s your challenge, stop putting your best life on hold. Invest some time in yourself. Join us for a half day to bring your dreams to life. We’ll focus on the things, people & places that are most important to you. The things that you’ll look back on & smile.  

Successful people dream BIG

In this 4 hour thought provoking workshop you’ll get the beautiful gift of time; to think about, prioritise & plan (without distractions) what you’d really like to achieve in life.

We'll focus on:

Your important People & Things

Bucket listing

Peter Mols Outside ideas Business Coach Oxfordshire

Dream Boarding

Peter Mols Outside ideas Business Coach Oxfordshire

Goal Setting

Doing more of what you love

Who's this workshop for ?

There's no specific type of person that benefits from the Power of Dreams; we've experienced "life changing" results with guys & girls from 16-60.
When couples & teams do the workshop together, people start pulling in the same direction & magic happens.
  • If you feel like you need to take some time for yourself
  • If you'd like to get clear on what you want for the future
  • If you'd like to live your best life
  • If you'd like to build a legacy that you're proud of

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