“Never, never, never give up” : An Outside idea from Fiona Brennan-Scott

“Never, never, never give up.” Sir Winston Churchill

I’ve been keeping a secret from all but a few. TEDx Berlin had just contacted me to help someone
who’s speaking at their conference in September. I was very excited. This was a new level for me
that I hadn’t contemplated, let alone anticipated.

Long story short, I agree to a 121 with their speaker and after my usual ‘Chemistry Test’ he agreed to
a Professional Profiling Session. I liked him. He seemed to like what he heard. He engaged well. I sent
the report. Then nothing.

Not a sausage. 7 days later, no reply. 3 weeks later, nothing. Last week TEDx Berlin contacted me for
my logo so they could promote me in their social media. I was very honest and let them know the
status quo, thinking I’m not taking credit where it’s barely due!

Did my analysis report offend? I couldn’t help remembering the lovely Simon Stannard’s words at a
recent Raving Fan slot where he praised the work we did together but cautioned people to leave
their egos at the door! I had never contemplated anyone bringing ego into the space when they
were asking for help, so it was a wonderful consideration. Was my professional profiling session
before or after I’d learn this? I couldn’t remember. Fortunately, business has been very good, and I
didn’t think about it except occasionally (when TED came up in work or conversation).

This morning, I received an email from this lovely man explaining that he and his child got COVID,
and they had landed in ICU. Could we pick up and do some fast and furious preparations for

So folks, stay kind, stay centred and, in the words of an old boy that did some good in the world,
‘Never, never, never give up’! And watch this space.

Fiona Brennan-Scott


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