Networking in…with Richard Rosser

Networking in…with Richard Rosser

What a session! 🙌🏾

On Wednesday, we welcomed Richard Rosser as our guest speaker at Networking in…He was speaking to us about “How to Build an Effective Network.”

We also had lots of new faces in the room, which was super exciting!

People choose to go networking for many different reasons. To win and grow a business, feel supported, learn, and collaborate.

Here are Richard’s seven tips on building a network:

1. Make it easy for people to trust you
2. Build credibility in your expertise by sharing it
3. Stay in people’s minds
4. Recommend and introduce
5. It’s the little things that matter, and that includes you
6. Cherish and protect your network
7. Build your network 24/7

To see his full presentation, click here.

We have an exciting lineup of events for the rest of the year. Check them out here.


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