Networking in…with Rebecca Reed

On Wednesday 15th February, we had the pleasure of hearing from a very special guest – Rebecca Reed!

Her topic was all about self-love.

Rebecca started off by asking who in the room respects themselves.

She went ahead to say that everything you do should reflect self-respect.

Your self-care is a NON-NEGOTIABLE.

These are the three tips she shared:

1. Upgrade your self-narrative

The most important words you ever say are the ones you say to yourself.

Repeat the phrases: I love myself. I am enough. I know my worth.

Look in the mirror each day and smile, acknowledge your unique beauty

Only say words to yourself that you would someone you love.

2. Upgrade your mental diet

Stop spending time with people who don’t value you.

Only consume soul food.

Prune your social feed, curate a feed that feeds your soul.

3. Upgrade your decision-makingdecision-making process

What would you do if you truly loved yourself?

How you do anything is how you do everything.

A huge thank you to everyone who showed up to Networking in…It was great to have you all there!

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