Networking in…with John Hayns

If you missed out on Networking in…this weekend, here’s your chance to catch up!

We had one of the most brilliant sessions EVER.

John Hayns, who refers to himself as a juggler, magician, and fire-eater spoke to us about “The magic formula for working with people.”

In this really entertaining session, we were treated to magic tricks involving ropes, balls, and a deck of cards.

The people you are working with will be unique – everyone is different. And you’ll need to learn how to work with each of them.

He spoke to us about how to attune and give people what they need.

How? Spend time with them, ask them questions, and get to know them. Different personalities need to be treated differently.

People make decisions with their emotions and then rationalise them with their thoughts.

What do you want your clients, prospects, and employees to know, feel, and think about you? What would you like them to get a vision of?

If you can attune and give people what they need, you will create WOW moments.

Check out our upcoming Networking events here. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers this year, you don’t want to miss out.


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