Networking in…with Jayne Manley

Networking in…with Jayne Manley

Wednesday’s Networking-in was FANTASTIC!

We had a really insightful session that led to lots of valuable conversations about The Climate Emergency. Jayne Manley, Chief Executive of Earth Trust generously presented on this topic.

The climate situation in the world is an emergency.

At a time when we are facing a climate emergency, an ecological emergency, and a health crisis, a sustainable business approach has never been more critical.

But there’s some good news – All the things that need to happen are dependent on people. In short, you and I can change the world.

The UK has translated the COP26 climate goals into UK government pledges. We need to maintain the 2030 targets and keep our eyes on the prize. 

We need to think about our businesses and how we can make the world a better place. Think about the resources you use in your business – Water, food, energy, and minerals.

Explore The Carbon Planner which can help you to identify potential cost and carbon savings too.

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