Networking in…with Dr Simon Biltcliffe

Networking in with Simon Biltcliffe

This week’s Networking in…on Wednesday was packed with gems!🙌🏼

We were joined by Dr Simon Biltcliffe who was speaking to us about Marxist Capitalism.

“A business is whatever you want to make of it. You can live by your values.”

Simon highly believes in turning cash into an asset that enhances everyone’s life and the planet. His business is built around the premise of making a difference to society and to an individual.

So what intellectual, emotional, and financial value can you deliver to your people? Instead of focussing on the money, you focus on the people that create the money – and the financial value will return.

His business Webmart, truly practices what they preach. He discussed the concept of “Enough” and demonstrated how ” Excess Profits” are distributed.

They have built the Webmart Oxygen Farm that’s 164 acres in the Scottish borders. They want to be commercially successful but also enhance the environment rather than degrade it. There was lots and lots of gold in today’s talk!

A HUGE thank you to Simon for gracing us with his presence.

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