Networking in…with Ami Floyd

On Wednesday 21st September at Networking in… we had the great pleasure of hearing from Ami Floyd of Elite Force Safety which does health and safet training to businesses.

Ami claims not to be a LinkedIn guru. She has learnt all that she knows through trial and error.

Currently, she has over 40,000 followers and her average posts get between 10,000 to 500,000 views.

She has also been included and nominated as LinkedIn’s top 1000 most influential women.

“LinkedIn is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform. It has an outdated reputation as a job site.”

Here are her top 5 golden tips:

1. Be consistent and visible. You need to be seen and being seen is not just about posting
2. Know how to get attention
3. It doesn’t need to be all business
4. Engagement and post reach doesn’t equal leads. Keep reminding people what you do
5. Be yourself and enjoy it.


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