Networking in…with Alison Thomson

Networking in…with Alison Thomson

This Wednesday’s Networking in…was refreshing!

We heard from Alison Thomson, Director of The Safety Elf, about posture and sitting comfortably.

We started off with a “wiggle break” which was all sorts of energising!

Alison spoke about consciously checking in with your posture.

We also created a pain map, in a little exercise where we pointed out the areas on our body where we experience work-related pain or discomfort.

A lot of us tend to hunch over, slouch, and lean on one side when working. In the long run, this can be detrimental and be the main cause of pain and discomfort.

By consciously doing away with these habits, we can slowly take the pain away.

In this session, we also came up with a couple of ways to incorporate more movement in our daily lives.

The most fascinating idea? Brush your teeth with your left hand and stand up on one leg. How creative!

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