Networking in…with Catherine Warrilow – The 3 new business hacks only the bravest will try

Networking in… The Wrap Up… with Catherine Warrilow

On Wednesday, 3rd August at Networking in…we heard from Catherine Warrilow of Daysout.

Pulling from her 20 years’ experience working in start-ups to corporates, and running her own agency to the present day as MD of, Catherine spoke to us about “The 3 business hacks that only the bravest will try.”

It was phenomenal!


Here is a summary of the 3 business hacks that only the bravest will try:

1. Create feedback, dialogue, and a wider market audience

Clients are sensitive, so we need to find a way to critic their work in a way that is not rude and is received positively.

You can create a working feedback system by:

a) Creating a healthy dialogue

b) Owning your niche/expertise, and letting them lead.

c) Making yourself indispensable

2. Know your audience and the problem you solve

Understand that your product is never everyone’s problem but only a particular set of people’s.

Survey your customers and visualise your audience.

Know what’s relevant to your audience today.

Don’t be afraid to ask your market and do your research.

3. Further qualify your expertise

Be brave enough to share openly with your competitors.

Create dialogues,collaborations, and conversations.

Create free, bespoke content to build your brand.

4. Bonus point – Use lumpy mail

Lumpy mail is an invaluable, affordable marketing tool.

The response and returns are more often than not beyond expectations.

Go back to knowing your niche. What is relevant to your audience?

Go for something unique, send out less but send out better.

Print is a fantastic, underutilised marketing tactic.


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