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Scott Gulliver - Fluff Software

I’m the founder of Fluff Software, an agency specializing in helping learning providers deliver better experiences.

I live in Swindon with my wife, and two children. When they run out of energy long enough to give me a break, I also fly small airplanes around the country.

My background is in software development and design, and have over 12 years of experience in using technology to solve real business needs and requirements. Along with the technical challenges that modern software development brings, I’m also very passionate about UX and design, and in particular about crafting wonderful, engaging, and enjoyable experiences for users in everyday applications.

About My Business

Fluff Software is a software development agency based in Swindon.
We build amazing mobile apps, web apps and interactive software for companies.
Typically, we’re working with startups and SMEs who want to turn their ambitious visions into scalable, secure, and beautiful interactive products.
Here at Fluff like to call ourselves a team of visioneers – people who design and build realities from ambitious visions. By joining the dots between ideas and real-world products, we help people get software projects launched and impacting their industry.
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