Jim Chetwode From Shows to Shops – An unexpected Journey

An Outside idea from Jim Chetwode : From Shows to Shops – An unexpected Journey

So next week I’m due to present at Networking in…

I have made a slight change of plan from my initial presentation idea. The original title was “How to make money in your sleep!” Looking at it now, it sounds like a Tony Robbins book or a ponzi scheme. 

So, following on from David’s storytelling presentation last week at Networking in… and after a breakout room discussion, it seemed a good idea to change tack and do some good old fashioned storytelling.
As a result I thought I would share with you our particular journey since that fateful day in March 2020. Back when we all thought it would be back to normal by May.

After a total loss of business we begin to fight and scramble our way back, and to be honest, we haven’t stopped yet but things are getting better.
For us, Rupert and my business partner, it has been a hair-raising, rollercoaster of a ride involving a complete pivot, the creation of no less than 4 new companies, innovative partnerships, volunteering, delivering PPE and the odd salmon filet.
So next Wednesday should be fairly therapeutic for us, and I hope entertaining, and in some ways educational for you lot. Can’t wait to get stuck into this and hope I don’t sound too indulgent.
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Jim Chetwode
We are Chain
 From Shows to Shops – An unexpected Journey

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