How to Survive Your First Networking Event

How to Survive Your First Networking Event

I attended my first Networking event on Wednesday with an open mind, and yet I still had a sense of nervousness. I mean, I am an extrovert and I love learning and understanding people’s thought processes, but a tiny part of me that was scared.

“Remember that we’re all naked underneath. Remember that we’re all naked underneath,” I told myself repeatedly until it almost became rhythmical in my mind. I could almost hear Pete Mols saying these words out loud as he put together the guidebook on Surviving your first networking event. This was the tip that stuck with me the most, and perhaps because of my personality, I felt like I had a head-start that most people don’t usually have before they attend their first networking event. I knew instantly that this wonderful, easy to read guidebook was going to come in handy for a long time.

Packed with precious information, the Ebook has 16 extremely useful tips on how to network the right way. I put on my big pants, set my goals for the event, and took a deep breath in anticipation for this exciting experience.

How my first networking event went

It’s been a long time since I was that mind blown. I interacted with people from various fields and with different expertise in life. In less than two hours, I felt completely at home and friendly with everyone. When it came to the talk with Erica Mackay, I was completely glued to my screen. I had to jot down every thing she was saying because it was completely genius!

Erica’s talk was on getting focussed on your target client. As a marketer, I found everything she said to be absolutely brilliant. It all boiled down to the fact that marketing should be as relatable, personalised and contextualised as possible.

You can view her talk here

My takeaway from the networking event

Was it a 100% success rate for me as a first-timer in networking? I don’t think so. I still feel I could have asked a few more questions and let my guard down a little bit more. With knowledge from the Networking guide, however, at least I had somewhere to refer back to and assess myself to continue to grow and develop. I am thoroughly excited for the next networking event with Outside ideas and excited to put some of the tips into practice.

Without the guidebook on Surviving your first networking event, I’m pretty sure things would have been harder. Being among the first people to read it is an honour. You are guaranteed to find some super useful tips in the Ebook, regardless of whether it’s your first or fifth event.

The good news is that this Ebook on networking is freely available . If you want to sail through your first networking event, then I would encourage you to stop everything that you’re doing right now. Head over to download the FREE Ebook.

Click here to download the FREE guide book.


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