How Networking Works In Business for Caring Entrepreneurs

How Networking Works in Business for Caring Entrepreneurs

In the entrepreneurship world, success is dependent on much more than the quality of your product or business strategies. It’s also about forging authentic and lasting relationships with others. This is why networking works in business.

Let me start by telling you a story…

I was once speaking to a client about her networking strategy.

We started talking about her business. And we went into her Unique Selling Points, and who she needs to get talking to.

And one thing became crystal clear.

Her business values are so clearly aligned with people, the planet, and good culture. It was so obvious to me that she needed to spend some time exploring the B corp movement.

So we started looking at various B Corp groups that she could go and be a part of.

And as we were talking, I realised something. She had already interacted with some of the people she needed to have more detailed conversations with at Networking-in…

What a headstart!

My Advice – How Networking Works In Business

So, my advice to her was simple. 

“If you’re going to have a one-to-one with anyone, go and talk to those people within our gang that are already on the B corp journey, and display as passionately to them as you have to me about why you want to work with those sorts of people because they will know lots of other people who think like them.”

It sounds obvious, but there’s so much value in establishing meaningful connections with your networking gang. That’s how to network with caring entrepreneurs. 

They are always ready to help you. And there’s possibly even more value in making friends with the person at the centre of the network.

So, just how does networking work with caring entrepreneurs?

5 Ways Networking Works In Business for Caring Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to grow your business, networking is definitely one of the more effective yet affordable means of marketing. 

Networking with caring entrepreneurs fosters authentic connections that lead to mutual growth, support, and positive impact in both business and personal life.

Here is how to network in business for caring entrepreneurs:

  1. Nurture Relationships Over Time
  2. Be A Giver, Not A Taker
  3. Collaborate, Don’t Compete
  4. Attend Purpose-driven Events
  5. Stay Authentic

1. Nurture Relationships Over Time

Networking is not a one-time event. In fact, you’ll be extremely lucky if you end up making a sale at your first event. You have to spend time getting to know the people around you and nurturing those relationships.

In many instances, the relationships come naturally. You gravitate towards people you share interests or thought processes with.

Here are two ways that you can nurture these relationships:

  • Follow Up and Stay Connected

The world of social media has made things so much easier. Platforms such as LinkedIn play a crucial role in networking.

By using these platforms, you can amplify your caring approach to networking and connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.  Engage in meaningful discussions, offer help, and celebrate the successes of others.

  • Seek Common Ground

Developing a meaningful business relationship is much like finding a friend. Whether it’s a shared interest in a cause, similar business objectives, or complementary skills, identifying these points of connection lays the foundation for building meaningful relationships.

Seeking common ground creates a platform to start a conversation and in the long run, you nurture relationships.

2. Be A Giver, Not A Taker

Networking is a two-way street.

Most of us opt for this means of marketing to seek support and resources for our ventures. But on the other hand, people can smell a sale from a mile away, and it’s just not attractive.

Don’t be scared to offer your knowledge skills and support with people. That way, you create a supportive ecosystem

Here’s how to make sure you are ‘giving’ enough:

  • Pay Attention to People

If you’re keen enough, you will hear what people need in their businesses. It’s much like gifting a friend. Pay attention to what they say, and it will come out. 

Entrepreneurs need support, information, and business. You can find different ways to help them solve their immediate need, and in the long run, they will also help you.

  • Help Whenever You Can

Sometimes you may not want to put in your time and effort when you’re not gaining from anything. You ask, “What’s in it for me?”

People remember caring entrepreneurs. They won’t forget when you help them, and they will feel indebted to you. So whenever you can, help!

3. Collaborate, Don’t Compete

Caring entrepreneurs understand the power of doing things together. They know fully well that collaboration, not competition, is the way to go.

When networking, try your best not to see people as rivals.


  • Work Together

Instead of competing, look for opportunities to work together on projects that align with both your missions. These joint efforts not only maximize your impact but also create stronger bonds and trust among caring entrepreneurs.

  • Learn From One Another

Here’s one thing that I know to be true – you can learn one new thing from everyone you come across.

So, instead of seeing someone as competition, understand that they know something that you don’t. That one thing could completely change the trajectory of your business, for the better.

4. Attend Purpose-Driven Events

If you want to network better, you’ll need to find events that align with your caring entrepreneurship ethos. Why? 

Such gatherings attract like-minded individuals who are eager to collaborate and make a positive difference in the world. 

Engaging with such a community will amplify your impact and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Here are two tips to identify these events better:

  • Find your Business Ethos

Take a look at your business. What are your company values and how can you honour them better?

Your business ethos should guide your brand identity and actions. Therefore, you’ll be able to align yourself with events that stand for the same values.

  • Do your Research

Once you know your business ethos, you can start to look for events that align with that. Attending purpose-driven events is better use of your time and money if that is what your business is aligned with. Otherwise, you’ll end up disappointed.

5. Stay Authentic

The secret to any form of socialising is to stay authentic. Networking for caring entrepreneurs starts with staying true to yourself.  Be true to your values, mission, and purpose.

People are more likely to connect with and support those who genuinely care about their vision. Plus, there will be fewer misunderstandings in the future if you are who you say you are.

Remember, the mask eventually falls off. It’s better to start off on the right foot.

Here is how to make sure you stay authentic when networking:

  • Be Genuine and Transparent

Being authentic is all about embracing who you really are. A big part of that is being genuine and transparent. Don’t exaggerate your achievements. 

People appreciate honesty and vulnerability. It creates a sense of trust in your relationships, and as we know, people buy from you if they know you, like you and trust you.

  • Avoid Sales-y Approaches

Avoid being too sales oriented.

When people detect that you are trying to make a sale, they feel like a mere statistic. Instead, be personable, open and friendly.

Focus on building connections and understanding the needs of others rather than aggressively pushing your products or services.

Our Summary – How to Network in Business

Your network is your net worth. In business, this comes out really practically. Business owners must embrace networking in one form or another in order to grow their business.

In conclusion, here is how networking works in business:

  1. Nurture Relationships Over Time
  2. Be A Giver, Not A Taker
  3. Collaborate, Don’t Compete
  4. Attend Purpose-driven Events
  5. Stay Authentic

Still have doubts? We are always up for a conversation. Get in touch with us for free if you’ve got any questions or need any clarification.

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