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5 Steps: Get Change Ready


It’s that time of the year when we are bombarded on social and in the media by the words, goals, resolutions and intentions. 


A new year can create a sense of pressure and external influences can leave us feeling that if we aren’t thinking about or planning change or goal setting, something is wrong with us. I am all about self-leadership and doing things on your own terms, doing things because you are truly choosing them, not because of others or feeling you “should”.

My intention here is to help set you up for successful change, so if it is something you are considering, please read on.

Us humans are wired for safety and survival. Anything new or unknown even if it delivers improvement in our lives is often met with internal resistance. The types of resistance and extent of this will depend on several factors specific to you and to the change you might be trying to implement.


A few years back I trained in Prosci, a globally leading change methodology. It takes a systematic and holistic approach to guide organizations to realize the benefits of their change initiatives. I particularly like its side-by-side people and organisational focus.  


Inspired by some of the principles of Prosci and combined with my coaching experience, I have put together a starter check list to help you combat the challenges and resistance we may face when attempting change, to help you get change ready.


  • Awareness: Get really clear on your WHY.

Is it really your WHY or might it be that you are looking to please, be liked, accepted, validated by others?

What’s the reason behind the change you seek?

Where are you now with this?

Knowing why you are doing something and that is really something you are choosing for yourself are fundamental to achieving it, but also to creating lasting change.


  • Desire: Understand what you will gain from the change

What’s in it for you? 

What will you think/feel/ know?

What will you be doing differently?

Why does the thing you will do differently matter, to you and your life?


  • Knowledge: What knowledge is needed for the change to happen?

Thinking about resources, information, people who can support you.

Insights that help you create realistic, trackable milestones.

What research might help you get the information you need to move forward?

What do you already know that you can leverage?


  • Abilities: What abilities are needed?

   Might a new daily habit be involved to help you create and keep momentum.

When you last embarked upon change, what got in the way?

Knowing how you learn best

Knowing when to take a break, how to properly fuel yourself physically and mentally?

Learning how to be patient and to have self-compassion on those tough days.

  • Reinforcement: To help you stay the course.

Resistance to change can be high, especially when we are going against well-established routines, and against who we believe ourselves to be. It takes commitment, effort and consistency to push through the mind chatter and limiting beliefs that can keep us stuck. Having strategies in your kit bag to support yourself through change are vital. 

Some ideas: seek support, encouragement, and accountability from others.

Out of sight is often out of mind. Create visual reminders of why you started, what you stand to gain and how you will feel seeing your life improve. I use a whiteboard and coloured post it’s. Learn to know when to rest, to be patient and how best you recharge.


The type of change, be that organisational or personal you are embarking upon will determine the extent to which you invest in getting change ready.

Investing in yourself and this process is hugely enriching and often unexpectedly invigorating. You could say it is a gift to yourself. It equips you with a fresh outlook about what is possible, through knowing yourself better and in turn not just be more change ready, but able to navigate your days with greater ease – Who doesn’t want that?


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