Do something nice : An Outside idea

Do something nice : An Outside idea

Meet the world’s nicest car salesman. 
He holds a world record for the most cars sold in a year.


Most American car salesmen average four or five sales a month. But not Joe Girard. Joe sold 13,001 cars over the course of 15 years – roughly 72 cars each month.


His secret?


Delivering +1.


Joe was a big believer in delivering a lot more than his customers expected and was quoted saying ‘when you bought a car from me, you didn’t get just a car. You got me. I would break my back to serve a customer.’


When people visited his dealership, he would send out a small team of mechanics to service their cars at the curb regardless of whether they bought from him or not. He would also maintain communication with his customers by sending them greeting cards each month.


That bit of extra effort that he put in making his customers’ experiences enjoyable made him stand out from all other salesmen. So much so that people were literally lining up to buy from him.


Delivering +1 doesn’t just get you customers, it gets you raving fans – people who are so happy with your product or service that they recommend you to others.


My question for you this week is:


  • What’s +1 for you.
  • What nice thing can you do to make your service just a little bit better?


Onwards and upwards my friend.



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