Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea

Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea from Peter Mols


How often do you look at you spend as cost vs investment?

I’m forever on the lookout for a bargain. It borders on a mild obsession. I was talking to Simon Crisp last week about how much he loves trades shows and expos. He was talking about “Great British Expos” which are returning after a 2 year hiatus.

Simon is booked up to do the lot and was saying that I should take a stand for Reading. It’s also one of Sarah’s accountability actions from her M9 group. To be honest, I looked at the prices at flinched…

It was only when 
we were discussing strategy with Lorna that I started to look at things differently. Sure, the price of a stand’s not cheap, but how many leads do we need to generate to make a sale? and how many sales do we need to make to recoup the investment?

It’s mad when I think about it because I spent years in promotions and events where I was paid by big brands to promote them at these sorts of events.

The long and short is that I was looking at these events from a cost perspective rather than one of investment. I’m absolutely positive that if I’m on my own stand, I’ll speak to enough people about Oi, Ni… and M9 that we’ll find some new people who are interested in what we do.

Onwards & upwards my friend,
P x


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