Outside ideas : Feeling the effects of burnout.

Feeling the effects of burnout

Feeling the effects of burnout This week I wrote a post on LinkedIn confessing that I’ve been feeling the effects of burnout. According to Mental Health first Aid England, the signs of burnout include: 1) Flatlining, and a feeling exhaustion.2) Cynicism and a feeling of detachment from our day job.3) Frustration and a feeling of...
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How to Stop Firefighting

How to Stop Firefighting : An Outside idea As a business owner, I find it so easy to get pulled into the urgent things that crop up on a day to day basis. Emails, phone calls and general fire fighting have been known to consume all my time when I allow it. How do we...
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Spotting the signs of burnout Rebecca Cheetham Siendo Feature image

Signs of Burnout

Signs of Burnout : An Outside idea by Rebecca Cheetham What do you understand by the term ‘burnout’? Signs of Burnout. Most people think of burnout and they think ‘exhaustion’ but… burnout is so much more than that… and the prevalence of burnout – on a global scale – is getting worse. A survey launched...
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Networking in Oxfordshire Online Networking

Oxford Business Networking Group

New Oxford Business Networking Group We’re getting set for another big week next week with our first ever partnered Networking in… We’re delighted to be working with South & Vale Business Support to bring a new Oxford Business Networking group with Networking in… on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 10.30am. What’s prompted the new...
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Jim Chetwode From Shows to Shops – An unexpected Journey

March 2020 An unexpected Journey

An Outside idea from Jim Chetwode : From Shows to Shops – An unexpected Journey So next week I’m due to present at Networking in… I have made a slight change of plan from my initial presentation idea. The original title was “How to make money in your sleep!” Looking at it now, it sounds like a Tony Robbins...
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Tracey Howes Functional Breathwork Instructor & Freediver

Finding Your Flow

An Outside idea from Tracey Howes : Finding Your Flow  Take A Deep BreathI’ve always been drawn to the ocean. It’s been an integral part of my life – swimming with my grandparents,surfing with my dad (on his board, mind you), paddle-boarding, scuba and freediving. It makes you feel goodand I wanted to know why.. During my research...
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Fiona Brennan Scott The Importance of Storytelling

The Importance of Storytelling : An Outside idea from Fiona Brennan Scott

The Importance of Storytelling : An Outside idea from Fiona Brennan Scott David Perry brought back a very special memory on Wednesday when he spoke beautifully about The Art of Storytelling. It took me back to my first workshop when I still had one foot in the corporate world and the other starting my own...
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Networking in South Oxfordshire & Vale of the White Horse

South Oxfordshire based networking group – chosen to support the fight against the spread of Covid. The online business networking group, Networking in… has been chosen by the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils to host a new online business networking event for the region.  With ongoing concern over the potential for...
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Outside ideas David Perry What's your Story?

The Art of Storytelling : An Outside idea from David Perry

Outside idea from David Perry : The Art of Storytelling What’s your story? When I first started going to networking meetings, I quickly learned that there was a typical conversational structure which went something along the lines of “Hello, I’m X, what do you do, how is your business going ” etc etc.One day, I...
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Outside ideas cost vs investment

Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea

Cost vs Investment : An Outside idea from Peter Mols   How often do you look at you spend as cost vs investment? I’m forever on the lookout for a bargain. It borders on a mild obsession. I was talking to Simon Crisp last week about how much he loves trades shows and expos. He was talking...
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