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Prioritising in Business

Prioritising in business How to make prioritising a priority in business In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey tells the story of a professor who takes a jar and fills it up with big rocks. He holds the jar up for his students to see and asks them if it’s full. The...
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Solutions over problems do you complain too much

Focus on solutions, not problems

Focus on solutions, not problems Do you complain too much? The story of the wise man and the same old jokes   There was once an old wise man who liked to walk…He walked far and wide, but always set off from the same point. On his regular journeys out of town, he’d often come...
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Outside ideas Neurodiversity is good for business What is ASD? Business Growth Autism Superpowers

Why Neurodiversity is good for business

An outside idea: Why neurodiversity is good for business.   Bill Gates, Andy Warhol, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein… Do you know what they have in common? ASD. ASD – Otherwise known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive, communicate and interact with others. There are approximately 700,000...
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Fiona Brennan Scott The Importance of Storytelling

Space to Think : With Fiona Brennan-Scott

A ‘Space to Think’ without interruption with diverse thinkers in a group setting. Continuous development is an important consideration for all of us as we settle into a work routine but don’t want to become settled in our thinking. BESPOKEN’s 2022 initiative is to open a group space to think. Since lock down, we have...
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Outside ideas How to create a business strategy

How to create your business strategy : An Outside idea

How to create your business strategy : An Outside idea   WHAT IS BUSINESS STRATEGY? How to create your business strategy. Your business strategy is the big picture view of how you want your business to operate, and defines what your business needs to do to reach its long term goals. Your strategy will help guide the decision-making process of...
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Outside ideas Tracey Howes Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Change Your Breathing: Improve Sleep, Performance & Reduce Anxiety

Change Your Breathing: Improve Sleep, Performance & Reduce Anxiety We all breathe anyway, right? But do we breathe correctly and why should we care? We don’t notice our breathing until things go wrong and that is what happened to me in 2016. I started experiencing severe panic attacks and sleepless nights for almost 18 months....
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Outside ideas Business Growth Business Culture Feature Image

Looking to grow? Get your culture right first

Looking to grow? Get your culture right first If your business is growing, you’ll get to a stage where you need help to keep up. After outsourcing the easy stuff, like the books; we inevitably reach a stage where we need to find people that will be let loose on our customers. If you want...
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Alison Sinclair Live Your Truth Coaching Outside ideas

Get Change Ready : an Outside idea by Ali Sinclair

5 Steps: Get Change Ready   It’s that time of the year when we are bombarded on social and in the media by the words, goals, resolutions and intentions.    A new year can create a sense of pressure and external influences can leave us feeling that if we aren’t thinking about or planning change...
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Start with Culture Outside ideas culture fit

Start with Culture

An Outside idea : Start with Culture This week at Networking in… we were joined by a very special guest. Richard Kennell is the Founder and CEO of SOFEA; an Oxfordshire based social enterprise that has gone from 4 to 90 staff in 8 years. He also happens to be my old business studies teacher....
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Create a winning plan in 7 steps

Create a winning plan in 7 steps

Create a winning plan in 7 steps Are you ever plagued by a disease of distraction that keeps you jumping from one exciting project to another without actually getting much done. I am! Let me help you Create a winning plan in 7 steps. Do you ever find yourself getting distracted by new projects or...
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