Solutions over problems do you complain too much

Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem

Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem   In a world characterised by so many challenges and obstacles, it’s easy to become mired in a sea of problems. Well, guess what? Complaining does nothing to change a situation. Instead, focus on solutions and not problems. This is the story of the wise man and the...
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Never too late to find success Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Headshot

Finding Success Later in Life

Finding Success Later in Life As we grow older, we tend to set (unrealistic) expectations for ourselves. And when things don’t go as planned, we end up disappointed, which kills our morale. We fail to realise that finding success later in life is entirely achievable. Let me tell you a short story about finding success...
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Six Problem Solving Techniques In Business

Six Problem-Solving Techniques In Business Someone once said that businesses are all about solving people’s problems at a profit. Small business owners are constantly putting out fires. In many instances, they head multiple departments which constantly require attention. This makes it crucial to acquire problem-solving techniques. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when...
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Outside ideas You can’t pour from an empty cup Footer

Self Care for a Business Owner

Self Care for a Business Owner Every once in a while, it’s important to put everything aside and recharge your system. Self care is important for everyone, and business owners are no exception. Let’s do a little visualisation exercise. Imagine yourself as a device, let’s say a phone… When your battery is at 100%, you...
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Plan for success in 2022 Outside ideas business plan

Planning for Success in 2023

Planning for Success in 2023 : An Outside idea   I read the other day that 49 out of 50 businesses are started without a business plan. I was shocked…  Having done a business degree, all my early businesses had detailed business plans that ran to pages and pages of text with charts and numbers...
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Networking in…with Helen Joy

On Wednesday at Networking in… we had the pleasure of hearing from Helen Joy of People Spark. Her talk was on “Recruitment 101: Making the leap” Helen touched on some very important points from when you first have the thought of recruiting to actually doing it. How to tell if you need to recruit Are...
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An Outside idea - Living with ADHD

My story with ADHD

My story with ADHD And what I do to cope. There are two kinds of people. Those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and… where is my cup? 😂 Have you seen the film Limitless? It’s about a guy who takes this pill and it makes him able to hyper-focus and remember things that he...
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How to value yourself in business

How to value yourself in business

How to value yourself in business The story of dirty money & how to be confident in your self-worth At the start of a sell out business expo, a well-respected motivational speaker started his presentation in silence. Quietly, he took a £20 note from his wallet and held it high above his head.  He paused...
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Fiona Brennan Scott The Importance of Storytelling

Space to Think : With Fiona Brennan-Scott

A ‘Space to Think’ without interruption with diverse thinkers in a group setting. Continuous development is an important consideration for all of us as we settle into a work routine but don’t want to become settled in our thinking. BESPOKEN’s 2022 initiative is to open a group space to think. Since lock down, we have...
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Outside ideas How to create a business strategy

How to create your business strategy : An Outside idea

How to create your business strategy : An Outside idea   WHAT IS BUSINESS STRATEGY? How to create your business strategy. Your business strategy is the big picture view of how you want your business to operate, and defines what your business needs to do to reach its long term goals. Your strategy will help guide the decision-making process of...
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