UK Mastermind Groups


Our UK Mastermind Groups are a beautiful concoction of peer group learning, support & accountability where a diverse group of business owners share their challenges, experiences & expertise in safe, secure & confidential spaces with 8 other non-competing but like minded masterminds.

Think of your UK Mastermind Group as your virtual board of directors, your team, your support network, your band of brothers & sisters. Together you’ll achieve the business growth you’re looking for, you’ll develop the skills needed to run a successful business, be held accountable & be part of a supportive community. 

It’s about Solidarity, Togetherness, Strength in numbers & Business Growth

Mastermind9… helping people and businesses grow

Why commit to a Mastermind Course?

There are many benefits for joining a course, the main ones being the support, accountability, brainstorming and network opportunities.

Napoleon Hill famously said that ‘No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.’

Taking part in a Mastermind Course, and the power of your Mastermind Group is having multiple minds on one challenge, and overcoming it.


On a Mastermind Course you can expect accountability session to session. Which will focus your mind on what is important to you and your business at the time. This may be deciding on key strategic changes to your business, deciding on a marketing plan, whether to hire, or whether to niche your business. Whatever is critical to the growth of your business.


The ideal Group has a range of different businesses from a range of different industries and backgrounds. As a result the group will have a wide range of viewpoints, experiences and strengths. It will mean that ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of are likely to be uncovered, and will push you out of your comfort zone. Challenging you to try new ideas and new concepts.


Discussing other business challenges brought to the session by other members, will expand your horizons of business challenges. It will put you in a position where you are trying to overcome them, without the stress of it being part of your day to day. Above all it will push you, and help you question what you are doing within your own business. Challenging you to push, and strive for more. Equally hearing from other businesses on your challenges will help you feel more confident and part of a team. You will be able to push each other where needed, supporting each other where needed and pick each other up when you start to fall.

Networking Opportunities

The journey all members will go on over the time of their Mastermind Course, will mean you’ll naturally create strong bonds with the members of your Group. You’ll learn all about their businesses, and understand their offerings with great detail. You’ll each see and recognise opportunities to each other’s businesses when they come up, and you’ll want to see each other succeed. They’ll become your band of brothers and sisters, looking out for each other and wanting to experience shared growth.


If you’d like to experience the true power of our UK Mastermind Groups, sign up for one of our free of charge Mastermind9 taster events.

Come and see how having 8 other brains on your challenge or opportunity can benefit your business.

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