Networking in…

Networking in…with Rick Mower

After a three-week break, we finally had another Networking-in session on Wednesday. 🙌Hearing about Rick Mower’s approach to bringing social and environmental value to the workplace was fantastic.Consumers, brands, and institutions want their products and services to do more for people and the planet. This should be enough motivation to aim to be exceptional.“When someone...
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Networking-in…with Benjamin Drury

Networking-in…with Benjamin Drury What a session! Wednesday’s Networking-in was AMAZING! 🙌We had Benjamin Drury, The Culture Guy who was speaking to us about “How to put the joy and emotion back into business.”Business is nothing more than relationships with a purpose. Imagine if everybody in your organisation turned up to work excited, energised, full of life, and...
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Why your networking is not working

6 Reasons Why Your Networking Is Not Working

6 Reasons Why Your Networking Is Not Working Networking is one of the most affordable and yet efficient forms of marketing. Yet, some people still find it hard to put themselves and their businesses out there. This blog talks about why your networking is not working. Picture this: You are a brilliant entrepreneur with a...
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Networking in...with Liz Jackson

Networking in…with Liz Jackson

Networking in…with Liz Jackson WHAT A SESSION! 🙌Wednesday’s Networking in…will go down as one of our favourite ones ever!We had so many new faces, so much engagement, and so much to learn from our brilliant speaker – Liz Jackson of BCMS. Liz Jackson’s talk on ‘How to Adapt and Thrive’ was all sorts of vulnerable, informative,...
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Networking in…with Ashley Cavers

Networking in…with Ashley Cavers On Wednesday at Networking-in, we had an amazing session on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that sparked lots of interesting conversations! 🙌Our guest speaker was Ashley Cavers who supports the operational management of The Oxford SDG Impact Lab and is leading on its latest partnership with Rosberg Philanthropies. The SDGs were adopted by world leaders...
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Networking in…with Jayne Manley

Networking in…with Jayne Manley Wednesday’s Networking-in was FANTASTIC! We had a really insightful session that led to lots of valuable conversations about The Climate Emergency. Jayne Manley, Chief Executive of Earth Trust generously presented on this topic. The climate situation in the world is an emergency. At a time when we are facing a climate...
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Networking in…with Aaron Ashmore

Networking in…with Aaron Ashmore Whoop whoop!  🥳On Wednesday morning, we had yet another fantastic session at Networking in…Aaron Ashmore, who is the owner of Zapped Marketing and Etch & Pin was the guest speaker for the day. Aaron was speaking to us about “Marketing: How to get noticed at your doorstep.”His top tips were:-Give people...
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Networking in…with Chris White

Networking in…with Chris White On Wednesday 6th September, we were honoured to be joined by guest speaker Chris White at Networking-in. He was speaking to us about “Cybersecurity awareness training for small businesses.”The session was all sorts of INSIGHTFUL! People tend to see cybersecurity as mysterious, complex, expensive, and uncomfortable. But Chris demystified all of this.The...
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Networking - Richard Rosser (1)

Networking in…with Richard Rosser

Networking in…with Richard Rosser What a session! 🙌🏾On Wednesday, we welcomed Richard Rosser as our guest speaker at Networking in…He was speaking to us about “How to Build an Effective Network.”We also had lots of new faces in the room, which was super exciting! People choose to go networking for many different reasons. To win...
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How networking works in business - Outside ideas

How Networking Works In Business for Caring Entrepreneurs

How Networking Works in Business for Caring Entrepreneurs In the entrepreneurship world, success is dependent on much more than the quality of your product or business strategies. It’s also about forging authentic and lasting relationships with others. This is why networking works in business. Let me start by telling you a story… I was once...
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