Networking in…

Networking in…with Fiona Scott

Networking in…with Fiona Scott At this week’s Networking-in…we were honoured to have a talk on all things PR with award-winning no-nonsense journalist, blogger, media consultant & TV producer/director Fiona Scott. Fiona dived into how to make news-worthy content. She explained the importance of storytelling, which is, as she said, “at the heart of PR.” Journalists...
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Researching the regulars at a networking group

Do you know the regulars at your networking group?

Do you know the regulars at your networking group? A few weeks ago I was speaking to a client about her 2023 networking strategy. We started talking about her business. And we went into her unique selling points, and who she needs to get talking to. And one thing became crystal clear. Her business values...
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How to improve your networking skills

How to get better at Networking

How to get better at Networking 15 years ago, I walked into my first ever networking event ever. I’d attended a ‘grow your business’ event, and at the end of it, a local photographer approached me. He praised my business thoroughly. Afterwards, he invited me to a breakfast meeting to meet other business owners. He...
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Networking-in with Fery Kaszoni

Wednesday was a fantastic day for us at Networking in…We had the highly anticipated session by the one and only Fery Kaszoni of Search Intelligence Ltd.He was speaking to us about “Link building for SEO.”Fery generously shared a wealth of information with us! You just had to be there… He started by sharing his journey, from when he...
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Online and face-to-face networking

Online networking VS face-to-face networking

Online networking VS face to face networking If you were to pitch the idea of online networking to me 10 years ago, I would run.  I wouldn’t buy it, and there’s probably nothing you could do or say to convince me otherwise. Why? Simply because we were in a much different place in life. And...
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Networking in…with Helen Joy

On Wednesday at Networking in… we had the pleasure of hearing from Helen Joy of People Spark. Her talk was on “Recruitment 101: Making the leap” Helen touched on some very important points from when you first have the thought of recruiting to actually doing it. How to tell if you need to recruit Are...
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Networking in...with Ami Floyd

Networking in…with Ami Floyd

On Wednesday 21st September at Networking in… we had the great pleasure of hearing from Ami Floyd of Elite Force Safety which does health and safet training to businesses. Ami claims not to be a LinkedIn guru. She has learnt all that she knows through trial and error. Currently, she has over 40,000 followers and...
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Networking in…with Mike Jennings – How to create a winning culture

How to create a winning culture On Wednesday 7th September, we heard from Mike Jennings of The Jennings Group. Mike started off by saying that your business culture is personal. It’s who you are. Your business, on the other hand, needs to be more than just making money. It should be about: Pursuing your passion...
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Networking in…with Rhys Saunders – Why everyone should be a master of experiences

Why everyone should be a master of experiences On Wednesday, 17th August at Networking in…we heard from Rhys Saunders, managing director of “Lick me I’m Delicious.” Before LMID, Rhys trained as an Actor/Musician and worked in the industry for 8 years. In 2014, he and Charlie Francis joined forces as they shared their enthusiasm and...
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Catherine Warrilow - Networking in...The wrap up

Networking in…with Catherine Warrilow – The 3 new business hacks only the bravest will try

Networking in… The Wrap Up… with Catherine Warrilow On Wednesday, 3rd August at Networking in…we heard from Catherine Warrilow of Daysout. Pulling from her 20 years’ experience working in start-ups to corporates, and running her own agency to the present day as MD of, Catherine spoke to us about “The 3 business hacks that...
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