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‘Authenticity’ is a word which is used a lot when talking about business marketing. We all know it’s important to be ‘authentic’ as people buy from people.

But how many of us live up to it?

When writing your website, your blogs, or your company brochures how easily do you slip into ‘business speak’ and industry jargon?

Probably a lot easier than you think.

But how can you be authentic when using cliched similes, phrases and idioms. Phrases you would never use when with your mates down the pub.

It’s a safety blanket. To make it seem like you know what you’re talking about and to make you sound professional. But it doesn’t sound like you.

One of my first clients was so caught up in jargon, industry speak and sounding a certain way, it took me an hour to actually find out what she did for a living. The language she used to sound professional completely obscured who she was and what she did.

The key to being authentic, whilst at the same time being professional is to say what you want to say, the way you would say it to your mates at the pub. Clear, concise, to the point – and you know what? If swearing is your thing then that is sometimes OK too if it reflects you and works with the clients you are trying to attract.

Dr Charlotte Booth

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