An Outside idea: The tyre company & the Irish beer

The tyre company that does restaurant reviews, & the Irish beer that keeps records of wacky stuff.

Have you heard of the French tyre company that reviews restaurants?

Michelin tyres came up with the Michelin guide to drive up demand for cars – and therefore tyres – by providing motorists with information about hotels and restaurants, leading them to drive more.

This method proved successful, so much so that it was replicated by the Irish brewery – Guinness – which created the Guinness Book of World Records to help settle silly bets in pubs.

The two companies have grown their brands by providing solutions to problems their customers didn’t know they had.

As Zig Zigler often said, you can have anything in life, if you’ll only help enough people get what they want.

His point is simple, someone somewhere would benefit from the product/service that you provide. The simple premise is that if you reframe the idea of selling into the idea of looking to help people, it can and will have a positive impact on your mindset and help you sell more.

This idea is also beautifully summed up in The Go-Giver which the Alliance read last month. Check out our review here.  


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