An Outside idea: Pretty things sell

‘If cats looked like frogs, we’d realise what cruel little bastards they are. Style. That’s what people remember.’
~Terry Pratchett

People love beautiful things – it’s both a social and biological phenomenon. Research actually shows that window views of landscapes can speed patient recovery in hospitals, aid learning in classrooms, and spur productivity in the workplace.

Not only do people love beautiful things, they also believe that they work better. So investing in amazing design is something you should definitely be doing.

Great design creates brilliant first impressions, triggers powerful emotions, and helps you create strong connections with your audience. It also helps build trust because it indicates that you put a lot of thought into everything.

There’s a lot of free and beginner-friendly software that pretty much anyone can use to make their stuff more aesthetically pleasing.

I use a combination of paying a graphic designer and doing some stuff myself with Canva to make sure my work looks pretty.

My questions this week are:

Have you checked out your competitors recently?
Are they more cat or frog than you?
What could you do about it?

Onwards and upwards my friend.

P x

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