An Outside idea: How to lose customers in 3 seconds or less.

My least favourite food (if you can call it that) is tripe. It looks and tastes like something dragged up from the bottom of a pond.

It wobbles, it’s slimy, and has the texture of a wet slug. But that’s not half as bad as the foul smell it produces when you cook it.

It is so disgusting that your eyes don’t water. They dry up.

A business with bad employees is a bit like a house that stinks of tripe. They’ll both send anyone within a mile radius running.

If your business is growing, you’ll get to a stage where you need help to serve all your customers. You’ll therefore need to employ people who can deliver just as well as you would, if not better.

All too often, business owners wait too long to employ staff, and what happens is they end up with people who can do the job, but don’t necessarily share the same set of values and beliefs as the business owner.

It’s therefore imperative that you set the culture of your business in stone before you grow.

Employees who deliver are often ones who are happy with their jobs, have similar values to you, believe in your vision, and see how their work contributes to the overall success of the business.

My question for you this week is:
What do you want your customers to say about your business when you’re no longer the person that’s serving them?

Onwards and upwards my friend
P x


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