An Outside idea: Have you met Joe Girard?

An Outside idea: Have you met Joe Girard?

Joe Girard was probably the greatest car salesman that ever lived.

Over a fast paced 15 years in the auto industry, Joe sold an unbelievable 13,001 cars. (I just love the token “1”) . It’s as if he set himself the target of 13,000 before retirement, only to find that on the final day before calling it quits, and old friend turned up and he just had to put on his sales shoes one last time.

Now you might be thinking for a career in car sales, 13,000 cars isn’t a lot, however the fact is, the average car salesman sells about 4 or 5 cars a month. Or 60 cars a year….

Joe sold roughly 72 cars each month.

How did he do it?

Well, his customers loved him mostly because he was nice. He genuinely cared about them and always delivered more than was expected. He did a number of things well, but one of the simplest was his creation of a sales process – His repeatable set of steps that helped him convert more leads.

A sales process gives you and your employees the most effective path to follow in order to close the most sales. It helps you narrow down your prospects (so that you don’t burn your resources pitching to people who might not convert) and typically contains between 5 to 7 steps depending on the time your deal typically takes to close. You can find a template that will help you create a sales process here

  • Have you got a documented sales process that you follow?
  • What could you add into your sales process that would delight people?
  • Do you think you’d sell more if you documented where people are in the process?

Onwards and upwards my friend.

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