An Outside idea from Simon Crisp : Be a little more green

It’s a great pleasure to deliver this week’s guest blog,  My name is Simon Crisp and I am the founder of Greenmachine. We specialise in Recycling old Tech and diverting it from landfill. We have decommissioned offices and warehouses all over the UK and have saved thousands of tons of tech from landfill.

The idea that I think’s worth spreading revolves around the Carbon footprint of electrical waste.

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of an activity, individual, organisation or a product, its measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide that effectively go up into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer.

Most homes will have approximately 19 items of waste electrical goods hanging around on shelves, cupboards and drawers. Each of these will have its own carbon footprint. For example an average laptop will use 150Kg of CO2 emissions in its 2 to 3 year lifetime.  But If you were to get it serviced and continue to use your laptop for an extra 2-3 years, or get it recycled, you would severely reduce the device’s impact on the environment.  So recycling and reusing rather than buying new reduces your carbon footprint.  The same can be said for all electrical products in your home. 

Greenmachine perform a WEEE recycling service for companies across the UK and In the last 3 years we have recycled and diverted over 20,000 items of tech from landfill which would equate to approximately 2,000,000 KG of CO2 emissions, thats the equivalent of taking 1100 cars of the road! One hell of a carbon footprint. So have a look around your home and office, we take mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and other computer related products and if we can help you to be a little more green, please get in touch. We have drop off points in Newbury and Ramsbury, or if you have a large amount please be in touch.

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