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It is my absolute pleasure to be introducing this blog I’m a massive fan of Outside Ideas and what Pete and Sarah are achieving.

At Twenty Eighty Online we design and build websites that aim to add value to businesses. One of the best books I’ve read for getting a great view on how to position your business (which helps you work out what value your website adds) is Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. It’s an amazing book with some really solid, actionable advice to help businesses find and solidify their identity. One part, in particular, stood out to me. As people, in our everyday lives, we look for things that help us 1) survive and 2) thrive.

I believe we should be applying this line of thinking to the content on our websites. How does your business help someone survive, and then thrive? Can you explain that in a few sentences or less? The products and services we offer serve a purpose for our target customers, but articulating that value can often be a challenge. Thinking about it in terms of how you help them to survive and thrive is an exercise that might lead you to discover brand new ways of positioning your business that make the benefits crystal clear to them.

As the world opens back up, we’re going to be faced with new challenges. There will be potential customers who are still very much in survival mode, while others will be looking for products and services to help them thrive in this new environment. There’s no reason why we can’t support both, we just have to make it clear how.

Jon Walter,
Owner Twenty Eighty Online


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