An Outside idea from Jamie Forster : The content 3R’s – relevancy, recency & reliability

Dear Reader

It’s my turn to introduce an Outside idea this week and I can already hear your cries of “but we already sat through your talk do we really need to have you in our inbox?” – who ever said that life was fair?

I may act the fool (a lot) and try to have fun where I can but when it comes to the business of web development and design I take it very seriously. It’s a big crazy world out there and your corner of it needs to have all the boxes ticked to make sure that it has the ability to put YOUR best foot forward.

If you took nothing from the talk, the one area I would urge you to concentrate on was the content 3R’s – relevancy, recency and reliability.

Is it relevant to my business and industry?
Am I keeping it up to date with fresh content?
Evergreen (long shelf life) content

My talk was about the simple and low hanging fruit that you as a website owner can take action on too help improve things – if you have any questions or need clarification do reach out.

All the best
Jamie | Looking after your corner of the internet

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