An Outside idea from David Perry : Freddie Mercury and Business Marketing

An Outside idea from David Perry : Freddie Mercury and Business Marketing

Here’s a Friday teaser for you – what’s the connection between Freddie Mercury and business marketing?

A bit random? Bear with me, we are going somewhere with this.

Last week I was watching a documentary about Queen and reflected, not for the first time, on Freddie Mercury’s incredible showmanship during their live performances. Not only was he a great musician, but he had an instinctive feel for his audience; he understood what he needed to do to build a connection with them and he knew what the audience wanted from him.

When I’m helping a client to plan a video or podcast, we always start with their objectives. Why are you doing this; what’s the business goal; what do you want to achieve?

That’s important, but for me, the really vital discussion is about the audience. Who are they and – most important of all – why are they going to be interested in what you have to say?

It doesn’t just apply to videos and podcasts; those questions are equally valid for any piece of marketing content. Just because you have something to say, doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience is going to want to listen. The better you understand your audience; their interests, their challenges and their frustrations, the more likely you are to capture their attention while you explain how you could help them.

As Freddie himself might have said, “Darling – it’s not all about you, it’s all about them!”


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