An Outside idea from Daren Elsley : Direction & Purpose

Hello Dear Reader!
It’s a real honour to be asked to submit ‘An Outside Idea’.

I’m Daren Elsley and I founded Bollox Boxershorts to help raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. Our men’s health message underpins what we do. It is the foundation of our brand and without it the brand has no direction or purpose, they are just boxer shorts.

Having a brand that has a cause and raises awareness, actually breathes life into the brand, creating drive and wellbeing during those challenges of developing a business.

The Idea that I want to share is all about direction. I believe that having a direction – a purpose – is so important in business and in life otherwise we just drift… I for one hate drifting but when I do, I focus on my ‘direction & purpose’ which gets me back on track both mentally & physically.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, so guys when you finish reading this newsletter take a few minutes to check yourself. Make today the first day you become aware of your body. Maybe pop a monthly 10 minute event in your diary to think of you, check you, there’s only one of you so look after it, you’re quite unique and precious.
If you have any worries or concerns, there is plenty of support out there. Locally Ucare (Oxford) – offer great support & advice .

Daren Elsley
Owner & founder of Bollox Underwear


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