An Outside idea from Annie Hall : How far do you go to look at things differently?

A huge happy Friday morning hellooooo

Thanks so much to Sarah and Pete for asking me to write the introduction to this weeks Outside idea. 

I am Annie Hall from Phase Two Design. I specialise in designing Brands mainly for B2B businesses, I have over 30 years experience in branding and I work directly with business owners to create great brands for them, great customer experiences and positive impact through their business with their brand.

My idea for this Friday is how far do you go to look at things differently?

What comes to mind when you think of design? For many people, the word conjures up thoughts of creativity, products, architecture, graphics, or simply the way something looks or functions.  

For me Designers have a great role to play in changing the way we view and the way we live in the future. Design and creativity play a role in changing our environment, from the products we use, to re-purposing to designing new materials, to the way we manufacture to way we look after our precious environment. Design and creativity can even help bring back economies.  Ultimately its about designing solutions and looking at problems from a different perspective, design is the differentiator.

Design gets me excited it, it makes me smile, it makes me think, it makes me question, and  its all around us everyday good and bad.  There are so many opportunities to look at things differently whether its through the way you run your business to the products you buy, to the organisations you support and the way you choose to live your life.

I wanted to share just a few websites and articles that inspire me to think differently, question and appreciate how much design is influencing our world.


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