The World is Waiting : An Outside idea from Sian Pagès

The World is Waiting : An Outside idea from Sian Pagès


How great the last week has felt. Hearing the fantastic news about the US opening up again and having much less restrictions on where we can go.

Being told that we can travel again…

Visit friends, see new places and give ourselves a well earned ‘break’ feels almost euphoric. There are so many places that are waiting to welcome us back with open arms… The world has paused, but our hunger for travel hasn’t.

When I think back to lockdown and being truly confined to our homes, I can honestly say, the thought of travel consumed me. Being told we couldn’t do it, just made me want it more! So I satisfied my craving to explore by updating my ‘Bucket List’… This list grew exponentially, thanks to many webinars from partners, showing me things like: how to ‘Make a Seychelles Creole Smash’ (a well known island cocktail)… or going on a virtual Safari in South Africa.

I’m sure we all spent that time dreaming about all the places we’ve ‘always talked about, but never got around to’… Well take it from me, that you’ve earned the right to make those dreams become a reality. Maybe you always dreamt about visiting Iceland and seeing the Northern Lights? Or perhaps renting an RV and taking a leisurely drive across Canada’s beautiful scenery is more your thing? Or maybe you just want to be with family, in a beautiful setting, where you can enjoy the time together?

There’s nothing stopping you now. The world is waiting… Where will you go?

Sian Pagès
Not Just Travel


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