Limiting Beliefs : An Outside idea

Outside ideas limiting belief

Limiting Beliefs : An Outside idea

The elephants rope

A man was walking through a zoo when he noticed an elephant tethered by a tiny rope. He was amazed that the elephant didn’t just pull itself free, so he approached one of the workers and asked.

The worker said that the elephants were secured with the same bit of rope since childhood. They could never break free as children, and they grew up believing that the rope was unbreakable. A limiting belief!

As business owners, we sometimes have similar limiting beliefs that hold us back from things that we’d like to do.

One such limiting belief could be the fear of failure… Sometimes we can shield ourselves by only making decisions and taking actions that have worked for us or other people in the past.

It could be said that when you have this limiting belief, you’re playing not to lose, not playing to win. These sorts of feelings can make us fearful of taking risks (however calculated).

So what can you do about limiting beliefs?

First identify what your limiting beliefs are:

  • Do you have a rope that’s holding you back?

Is there something or multiple things holding you back? If there is more than one, start with the biggest, or the one that is having the most impact on your life.

  • What could you do to untether yourself from it?

Second, look at it squarely. Don’t be intimidated by it. Recognise that it’s just a belief. Understand it, and how it became so ingratiated within you. Question it – when did it become part of you? Is it factual? Have you always thought this? Is it helping you?

  • What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Third, challenge this belief. What would your life be without this limiting belief? What could you do? Picture your life without limiting beliefs.

  • You’re never too old to learn new tricks

Finally, change your mindset to a new belief. Once you’ve identified what it is that’s holding you back, you can put strategies in place to change your perception. Start small, work on it. If exercise is a limiting belief of yours, start with small regular workouts. If you keep putting off sorting your books out, put a default diary in place to help you tackle them one step at a time. And make yourself accountable.

How does accountability help improve performance and resolving your limiting beliefs?

Many don’t realise, but accountability is the single most important thing to truly fuel success. Why?

Accountability to others makes you take ownership of a task. It means you have to step up take responsibility. It means you’re going to do a great job, on time, every time – if you don’t you’ll have to explain why. You’ll set time bound expectations that you have to live up to. It makes your goals, which were perhaps just sat with you (probably in your head), bigger, it gives them a larger purpose, with a certainty that they’ll be fulfilled.

If you could do with a dose of accountability to keep you on track, why not try one of our Mastermind Group taster sessions. Here you will see the true power of a Mastermind, and how with a sense of teamwork, support, encouragement, and yes accountability, you can eradicate these limiting beliefs and achieve the success you want.

Onwards and upwards my friend,




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