The Art of Storytelling : An Outside idea from David Perry

Outside idea from David Perry : The Art of Storytelling

What’s your story?

When I first started going to networking meetings, I quickly learned that there was a typical conversational structure which went something along the lines of “Hello, I’m X, what do you do, how is your business going ” etc etc.One day, I was introduced to someone who took a memorably different approach. He made a point of saying that he wasn’t going to ask me what I did, but instead he wanted to know what my story was.

He explained that although it was useful to know what people did, it was more important to know why they were doing it. For him, knowing someone’s back-story and hearing about their journey, was a key part of getting a better picture of who that person is today.
Since the dawn of civilisation, stories have been used as a way to share knowledge and they are still relevant in business today.

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And the next time you meet someone new, try asking them about their story. You never know what you might find out!

David Perry
David Perry Media

Outside ideas what's your story?


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