Solutions over Problems : An Outside idea

Solutions over Problems : An Outside idea

An Outside idea: Do you complain too much? The story of the wise man and the same old jokes


There was once an old wise man who liked to walk…  He walked far and wide, but always set off from the same point. On his journey out of town,  he’d often come across the same group of shopkeepers.

Like clockwork, every time he passed, he heard them complaining about the same things. One day, he stopped to tell the group a joke.

They all laughed.

A few days later he walked past the same group of shopkeepers and repeated the joke. This time, just a few people smiled.

Later that week, He repeated the joke for a third time.  No one reacted…

So he asked them, “if you don’t find jokes you’ve heard before funny, why do you bother to repeatedly complain about the same old problems?

You’ll laugh more if you start concentrating on solutions rather than problems.

Let me ask you something, are there times when you complain about problems instead of finding solutions to address them?

Onwards and upwards my friend

Pete x

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